Introduction to this case (please read first)

Documentation and Correspondence

1a. Case No. C00SA374

1b. Robert Dougans’ Witness Statement

1c. Robert Dougans’ Exhibits

1d. Robert Dougans’ Draft Order

2. Our response to their claim (22 Aug 2016)

3. Our letter dated 30 Aug 2016

4a. Our Witness Statement seeking strikeout of this claim

4b. Our Exhibits

5a. Robert Dougans’ Response (dated 31 Aug 2016)

5b. Robert Dougans’ Revised Consent Order

6. Our Response to this revised order (dated 2 Sep 2016)

7a. Robert Dougans’ Response (dated 6 Sep 2016)

7b. Robert Dougans’ Revised Order

8. Our Response to this (dated 9 Sep 2016)

9a. Robert Dougans’ Brief Response (dated 9 Sep 2016)

9b. Amended Draft Order

10. Our response (dated 12 Sep 2016)

11a. Chasing Up, for lack of response (dated 14 Sep 2016)

11b. Our proposed Draft Order

12. Still Chasing them Up, Still no Answer (dated 15 Sep 2016)

13a. Their Response * (dated 15 Sep 2016)

13b. Robert Dougans’ Witness Statement in Response to Our Strikeout Application

13c. Robert Dougans’ Exhibit in Support of his Witness Statement

13d. Accompanying Draft Order

14. Our Response (dated 16 Sep 2016)

15. Noticing an Error (dated 16 Sep 2016)

16a. Their Response (dated 16 Sep 2016)

16b. Final Draft Order