Due to the judge’s refusal to release all the disclosure to the CPS, we can only publish documents which have been read out or referred to in court.

8. Interrelated Applications – A2/2017/1648 & A2/2015/2839(B)

7. Case to Reopen Appeal A2/2015/2839/A

6. Case No. C00SA374 [to place on order of sale on our property]

5. Oral Hearing for Permission to Appeal
a. Document
b. Evidence
c. Transcript of the Hearing
d. Judgement

4. Permission to Appeal Bundle
a. Grounds for Appeal
b. Skeleton Argument
c. Transcript of Dr Byng’s Cross Examination
d. Expert Report
e. Evidence

3. Five-Day Hearing
i. Witness Statements
a. Steve Paris
b. Angel Garden
c. Evidence for Witness Statements

ii. Claimants’ Closing Submissions
a. Closing Argument
b. Closing Evidence

iii. The Judgement, with accompanying notes and videos
a. Document

2. The Pre-Trial Review (PTR)
a. Witness Statement and Evidence for the PTR
a. Judgement from the PTR

1. Claim
a. Amended Particulars of Claim
b. Defence (coming soon)
c. Reply



Selected Quotes From Disclosure
a. About Money