¡STOP! Defamation

(5 Sep 2017)


Welcome to ¡STOP! Defamation.

This site exists to house papers and evidence from Civil case 3SA90091 in the High Court of England and Wales, and Civil Appeal A2/20152839 at the Court of Appeal and other related papers.

¡STOP! Defamation refers to a tactic of deliberately stopping public debate by neither offering or exercising right of reply, enabling both covert and overt defamation, doxing, smearing and cyber-harassment in order to degrade and wreck the lives of targets while maintaining plausible deniability – covert hate campaigns in other words.

The Defamation Act is not up to the job of dealing with such a devious course of conduct as ¡STOP! Defamation as this case conclusively demonstrates and in fact it should not be dealt with as a Civil matter at all.

The site could equally well be called “¡STOP! Defamation by Stalking” as it is painfully obvious that the only possible way to prevent others’ free-association on the internet is to continually stalk them.