Art for Evidence


9 Lon Bryngwyn, Sketty, Swansea, SA2 0TX

"the Big-Hitters" - breached order by Andy Lewis to cheat law and steal 9 Lon Bryngwyn, Sketty
“the big-Hitters” #artforevidence exhibition

Andy Lewis has been in breach of a court order since February 2015. He was ordered to release details of “the Big-Hitters” referred to in an email by Melanie Byng in 2012 when she said “Andy knows most of the big-hitters so he has put out a warning”.

We assume this refers to supposed “top” UK journalists and others, and includes  the same admitted perjurious fake “clinical judgement” and such-like used by Melanie Byng, Professor Richard Byng and Dr Lewis himself, to harass our family through attacking Angel, in order to make her seem dangerous in the eyes of others and worthy of ostracisation.

In spite of their contempt for legal process and their admitted perjury, these stalking harassers have been given tremendous and dangerous power over our family by UK courts, and they want to get their hands on our home, 9 Lon Bryngwyn, Sketty, Swansea SA2 0TX, and sell it, to greedily divide up the money as another element of their harassment, as Melanie Byng years ago expressed her desire to make us bankrupt, as well as killing Angel.

Why Art for Evidence?

Some weeks ago, due to the ongoing intimidation,  Angel took the children and left Steve staying in 9 Lon Bryngwyn on his own. He became morose and depressed, contemplating the massive injustice caused by the failure to recognise covert criminal harassment.

Steve found painting therapeutic, and expressed his sorrow and frustration at the violence our family experienced, following whistleblowing, including the assaults upon our integrity and personal safety, all of which has been condoned by the judiciary due to the lies and deceit perpetrated by Robert Dougans of Bryan Cave, and Jonathan Price of Doughty Street Chambers on behalf of Andy Lewis, Melanie Byng, and Professor Richard Byng. The loss of the house itself became the canvas.

Art/Ask for Evidence

The beneficial effect of expression led us to consider and plan an art exhibition, using a play on the empty slogan of so many supposed “skeptics”, who actually just accept whatever guff they’re fed as long as group loyalty is bolstered, people like Simon Singh, David Colquhoun, Edzard Ernst, and Stephen Law of the British Humanist Association, among so many others.

During the run up to the exhibition Bryan Cave continued their usual bullying, writing that it was “very serious” to be in breach of a court order and demanding our keys.

We responded to their demands for us to get out of 9 Lon Bryngwyn by reminding them about their own Order and asking them, if it was such a serious thing to breach an order as they were claiming, to obey theirs first.

Bryan Cave don’t find breaching an order they don’t want to obey to be “very serious” at all. They said they wouldn’t be providing the information: a clear indication of how incriminating it is i.e the breach must be significant, and had a likely effect on the outcome of the case as well as impacting numbers and class of publishees in defamation.

Put another way, it’s only because they didn’t obey their own order that they are now lecturing us about how important it is that we obey ours so they can steal our home.

When we politely asserted that the law must apply equally and that we would follow their lead in obeying court Orders, their guilty response was to break into 9 Lon Bryngwyn and change the locks.

This means that the whole exhibition couldn’t be housed with Steve’s quote-art.

So we’ve begun to install our “Art for Evidence” exhibition here instead and will he adding more to it over time.

Regular visitors will know that the evidence of everything illustrated below can be found on other pages and videos on this site.


The Big-Hitters

Andy Lewis and Melanie Byng break in to enforce order in spite of breaching order to reveal "big hitters".
Who are the “big hitters?”, and why did not knowing who they are contribute to Lewis and Byngs’ “win”?
Andy Lewis and Melanie Byng break in to enforce order in spite of breaching order to reveal "big hitters".
Bryan Cave break in, change locks, but refuse to comply with orders themselves. They were only able to do this because we took our children to safety and so could not guard the house from those using legal process to harass.
Boxes of boastful disclosure of censored comment threads from Andy Lewis remain
Andy Lewis’ massive disclosure of all the discussion he had censored us from taking any part in, after immediately adopting Melanie Byng’s mental health smears. Boxes and boxes of his own arrogance left in the house he stole by lying to Judges.
Lewis declined to reveal his use of fake mental health smears to "top" journalists
Andy Lewis refused to obey the order to reveal which influential people he sent the warning to.
Andy Lewis and Melanie Byng break in to enforce order in spite of breaching order to reveal "big hitters".
Our home is held hostage to secrecy and lies told to supposed “big hitters”. Who are they? Are they really big?
Barrister Jonathan Price of Doughty Street chambers tampered evidence
what price free-speech in the UK?
Melanie Byng threatened to shoot Angel Garden "anytime"
#Humanism in the UK?
Andy Lewis and Melanie Byng's abuse of a whistleblowing family cannot be hidden by shredding
Andy Lewis, Professor and Melanie Byng hide evidence but can’t hide the abuse.

Jonathan Price, lying to enrich Doughty Street Chambers   Robert Dougans, lying to enrich Bryan Cave

These highly paid people wilfully lied in “statements of truth”, tampered with evidence and purposefully altered chronology. The sole purpose of all of this?

Andy Lewis, Melanie Byng, Robert Dougans, Jonathan Price, Professor Byng, all perjured themselves in court.
Deceiving Judges – a major talent of the Bryan Cave “team”


Hiding evidence of the 'big-hitters' deceived judges into punishment of Steiner whistleblowing family
Hiding evidence of the ‘big-hitters’, Lewis and Byng then got away with saying we couldn’t prove who these warnings had been made to.
Lewis and Byng set our to benefit from their own wrong against the law
Benefiting from their own wrong – supposedly not allowed, but in reality, their malicious communications have been handsomely rewarded..
Lewis, Byng, Price and Dougans tamper evidence, alter chronology, anything to avoid democratic exchange
Perverting the Course of Justice – by committing fraud upon the court – supposedly not allowed
Jonathan Price of Doughty Street Chambers Alters Chronology
Jonathan Price of Doughty Street Chambers purposefully changed the chronology of events to create a story that didn’t match the facts, in order to deceive the judge. Doughty Street describes itself as “the leading Human Rights and civil liberties” chamber.
Jonathan Price of Doughty Street Chambers Tampers with Evidence
Jonathan Price of Doughty Street Chambers deliberately altered a paragraph we wrote to change its context and give it an extreme of possible meaning by fabricating an inference of sexual abuse, making a mockery of BCA v Singh and any pretence to adhere to facts and evidence.
Melanie Byng and Andy Lewis Spread Malicious Lies
Melanie Byng and Andy Lewis spread malicious lies to convince others we were dangerous and had to be ostracised. Andy Lewis even willingly breached a court order so we wouldn’t know what he told the “big-hitters” about us. The fact that we didn’t have this information was then used to make us lose the case. In fact these communications are illegal but Andy Lewis and Melanie Byng have nevertheless been allowed to manipulate civil procedure to cheat justice.
Andy Lewis mental health smearing of a total stranger - even politeness is pathologies in a witch hunt.
Andy Lewis’ mental health smearing of a total stranger to somebody unwilling to shun Angel – even ordinary politeness is pathologised in a witch hunt.
Andy Lewis and Melanie Byng committed perjury to steal whistleblowers' home
secret mental health smearing among “top” journalists, sanctioned by the Courts, free-speech in the UK
High Court UK Judge Seys-Llewellyn condones mental health smears
Using the medical credentials of a doctor to spread a made-up clinical judgement, to convince others that we are mentally ill and very dangerous. This is a hate-crime, but ruled to be OK according to the British Judiciary.
High Court UK Judge Seys-Llewellyn Condones Disability Abuse
Convincing others that Angel isn’t really physically disabled and simply “hamming it up”, thereby encouraging others to hate Angel, the very definition of a hate-crime, is OK according to the British Judiciary.

Melanie Byng's malicious and perjurous communications are now admitted

This is part of an email Melanie Byng used to convince someone to ostracise us: “Angel has a borderline personality disorder. This is a clinical judgement, not a personal opinion. It isn’t simply depression. It makes her very dangerous, but luckily for us and sadly for others the danger is to those close to her.”

This isn’t the only example of such a horrendous smear. Others include (but are not limited to):

“my husband Richard had had a long phone conversation with Angel about her mother’s cancer treatment, from which he’d drawn a few conclusions. Richard is a GP & academic & an expert in primary care mental health, including personality disorder.”

“A couple of incidents (which had little to do with their project) convinced us that she is unstable”

“At the end of this is his clinical judgement, which she seems to have forgotten.”

The conclusion is unmistakable: Melanie Byng used her husband’s credentials to make people believe Angel was mentally unstable, which lead her to admit this in mediation:

“I want to make clear that there has been no clinical assessment of Angel Garden’s mental health by my husband, Ms Garden is not his patient and he has never diagnosed her with any mental health issue. Any comments I have made which might suggest otherwise are untrue and understandably distressing to Ms Garden.”

This shows obvious malice, and recklessness as to the truth.

But the admission was useless as a means towards settlement of the case because of this insistence: “Ms Garden and Mr Paris are not permitted to use the language above for any public purpose.” 

So in court when she said, “if what you are saying is that I am pretending that Richard has made a diagnosis of Ms. Garden, it is completely untrue”, we were forbidden to tell the judge that she had admitted the opposite in a sealed document, and was therefore perjuring herself. Robert Dougans of Bryan Cave and Jonathan Price of Doughty Street Chambers knew she was lying, as did Andy Lewis and Professor Byng and were therefore all knowingly perverting the course of justice.

(that mediation document was released by Robert Dougans himself in July 2016 as part of the evidence he used to “prove” our house had to be sold from under us to pay his fees. Whether by design or by mistake, since this has then been referred to in open court, it is therefore legally allowed to now be in the public domain.)

Exhibit A, from the exhibition "The Big-Hitters" #Artforevidence
Exhibit A: self portrait of a stalking and harassment survivor
Secret top British journalists collude with covert harassment and stalking
The big hitters are only big by contrived projection
Andy Lewis and Melanie Byng's solicitor Robert Dougans of Bryan Cave, broke in having lied to win.
Look closer – death threatening skeptics are awarded the home of their targets

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